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Amy Paffrath and Drew Seeley 1 Year Anniversary!

As Mr. and Mrs. Amy Paffrath and Drew Seeley celebrate their one year anniversary (Holy Cow, that was 1 year ago?!?) we're excited to be sharing some of their favorite photos!

This was such a fun wedding! 90+ friends and family loaded onto a cruise ship and sailed off into the sunset as these two celebrate their undying love for each other. We were honored to be a part of it, not only to photograph the special event but to be close friends and have personally witnessed their love grow over the years.

Sorry fellas... sorry ladies... looks like these two are off the market for good! We know hearts are breaking all over the world but you can't help but smile when you know that two people perfect for each other are happily loving life together. 

2013 Pricing Information & Details

Thank you for your interest in investing with Blackwell Photography on your wedding day. We understand how important it is and want to provide you with clear and important details regarding our pricing. 

Online Gallery

Our online gallery is provided by a great company, Smugmug. They provide unlimited high resolution hosting and professional printing. After your photos are done being processed and edited you will receive a link to your Online Gallery. From this link you will be able to view all your photos in a number of ways (via slideshows, on a mobile phone, and individually big or small). You can then download individual high resolution photos, download ALL of the images, order prints, share the photos on Facebook and other social networks and a whole lot more. Your Online Gallery will be hosted at the same place for years and years to come so you can always come back and view the photos or order more prints!

1 Photographer  

When you order a package that comes with 1 photographer you are either going to be working with Marc or Stacey Blackwell. We both have unique yet similar styles. We also compliment each other creatively and have grown leaps and bounds since we opened our doors. When you work with either of us you can rest assured that you're getting one of the best photographers in Southern California.

2 Photographers

When you work with both Marc & Stacey you're getting the complete package. You're getting 2 awesome photographers with creative styles. You're getting the female perspective as well as the male edge. With 2 photographers you get twice as many photos and ensure details are more than covered.  

Photo Book

We work with Blurb, a photo book printing company to publish our photo books. We've worked with this company for years, printing dozens of books for ourselves and clients. Not only do they have lots of options, sizes, templates and looks but it also allows open collaboration from all parties involved. The quality is great, the price is affordable and we couldn't be more excited to offer these fine products to our awesome clients. 


We work with a Forbeyon to provide you with beautiful high quality. We help you with every step of the processes, from narrowing down your favorite images, to which type font you want on the cover. Leave the designing up to us and sit back and wait while your album is delivered right to your door! Or Grandma's door, cuz - you know she loves those leather bound albums! 


DVDs come with certain packages or a la carte and are a great way to receive, back up and share your photos. You can either opt to receive a DVD (or DVDs depending on how many images) via the mail or we can generate a link (or links) for you to download all the images directly to your computer. Either way works for us and we're happy to provide this service.

Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot is a great way to get to know each other before the day of the wedding. We will collaborate on unique locations, visually appealing props, and help you decide which outfits you and your significant other should wear as we explore the city and have a blast taking photos. An engagement session comes with unlimited time and locations, an online gallery, and really, really cool images.


Just as important as having professional photography, you may want to make sure your wedding day is videoed. We collaborate with Make My Day Videography. They offer High Definition Digital Videography at affordable rates and we highly recommend them.


Photobooths are the latest rage. You may want to incorporate that into your wedding and we would be more than happy to find and hire the right company for you. Ask us for more details!

Print Packages

Remember prints? You know, the paper matte or glossy 4x6s you put in albums? We offer those too! We offer a wide variety of prints from small to big. You can even order wrapped canvases for your wall, coffee mugs with your spouses' face on it, or t-shirts. But let's not get too crazy. We order all our prints from a great lab in San Fransisco, Bay Photo and can vouch for their quality. They even offer frames! Ask us for more details on prints and print packages!

Processing and Editing

We process each and every photo we take. Your online gallery comes with ALL of the best images from your engagement shoot or wedding. Processing ensures the highest of quality and creativity for each photo. We color correct, lighten or darken, crop if need be and or make photos black and white. If you have a special request, or want a photo retouched or edited, just let us know! Certain charges may apply for major touch ups.


We ask all our clients to review and sign a mutual agreement between Blackwell Photography and yourselves. This makes sure we are all on the same page about EVERY THING and there is no confusion before, during or after the wedding. 

Retainer and Balance

We ask for a retainer of at least half the total amount to hold your date. The remaining balance is due 14 days before your wedding.  


Have more questions? We understand - there is a lot to think about. Don't hesitate to contact us!  



Why You Should Hire a Professional Photographer to Photograph your Wedding

We hear it all the time; "We're just going to let our Uncle snap a few photos during our wedding" or "We have a good friend who is really interested in photography, she's going to 'shoot' our wedding" and "We just don't have it in the budget for a professional photographer".  

You should hire a a professional photographer to photograph your wedding! We're not just saying this because we are professional wedding photographers, we're saying this because we know the importance of documenting/backing up/ and sharing your photos from one of the most important days in your life.

Whether you are planning a three thousand dollar wedding or a sixty thousand dollar wedding, it is a very special day and one that you have spent a lot of time dreaming, planning and preparing for. From the guest list to the flowers, you have thought of every detailed, probably more than once! And when that day comes, it comes and goes quickly so it's important to have it well documented. Professional photographers know what, who and when to photograph. It's our job! We anticipate the moment your mom comes in to help you put your dress on. We know that Aunt Susan from Africa has to leave right after the ceremony so we better photograph you and her before then. We  have shot dozens of weddings so we know to capture the little details of the place settings during dinner. Your friend with a camera doesn't understand all that - no matter how good her intentions.

One of the most important aspects of professional photography is ensuring that your photos last a lifetime. We provide you with prints, downloads, DVDs and any other mediums want or need, but after your photos have been viewed, shared, printed and stuffed away on the bookshelf you never know what could happen. Unfortunately your copies could be lost, stolen or destroyed  That's why we've got a back up plan in place to ensure if you lose your photos - we still have them. Uncle Joe with his point and shoot probably still has your wedding photos on the memory card in the camera. No offense, but we wouldn't trust him with backing up our wedding photos - why should you?

And let's face it - why do you have photography in the first place? You want to share, remember and cherish your photos forever. We work with the highest quality equipment to ensure you receive the highest quality product. From our cameras to our lighting, printing labs and websites we go the extra mile and spend a little more money too, to make our photography look THE BEST. So trust a professional (that professional being us, of course) to make your wedding look as awesome as it truly was. We understand weddings are expensive and sometimes spending a little more for the photographer doesn't seem feasible. But when it comes down to it, next to your spouse, your wedding photography is the most important decision of the day! 

Hiring a professional can make all the difference in the world. Not only are you hiring someone who's been around the wedding scene for years, you're trusting them to capture every little detail you worked so hard to put together. And after your dress has been preserved and your hair starts turning grey - you want to be able to look back and re-live that special day with your wife or hubby and the best way to do that is through photos. So you better make sure that the photos you take in the 2013 or 2014 are the highest quality so they last all the way up until the 2070s. 

The best way to ensure all of this is to ... are you ready for it? You probably guessed it - hire Blackwell Photography!  

-marc & stacey